Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Songs for Artie Q VIII: Winning & SoulMate and THB Video!

Am tentatively thinking of calling Artie Q VIII: One Step Away From Falling Apart ... Hmm, we shall see.

Anyway! :) Tho' I'm posting this now—early days Jan 2015/end days December 2014, these two songs were completed in December and late September of this year.

SoulMate - Click to Listen -

The song came about from a thought by Mrs Q. I think it's well documented (with regard to relationships) that I tend to believe in "Contenders" as opposed to "SoulMates." I'm dubious about the idea of there being only one Special One residing inert in time & space, simply while-ing away the time til the others' appearance, and Hey Presto! Anyway, Mrs Q suggested that maybe Artie Q had to travel all around the world and then return to his point of origin to discover that his SoulMate was really here, in the UK, all the time. He just needed a little time away to get objective. 25 or so years!!! :) I thought this was a neat idea, and as I write about my life in song, I decided to explore the idea.
So, Piano delivered by the wonderful hand of Ronnie Paris (whom, as far as I know has no web presence), and fab guitar from Mindmovie helped me put this track together. Must admit; I like it! Thank you, Mrs. Q. *Mwahs!* Baby.

Winning : Listen


So, this time Mindmovie sends me a track. It's a ballad by a gentleman called Bob Grey (with guitar by Mister M) and asks me if I'd care to create a lil 'summin summin' on this piece. I thought it a little slow, and there were too many sections for my taste, but there was a certain opportunity for great melodies, here. I sped the bpms up by 10, added a few of my own chord changes, wrote melodies, lyrics, beats, etc. As I was told Mr Grey was busy, I asked Ronnie Paris to help me out and flesh out Bob's original piano samples and add his ornate touch in the new sections I'd created ... here we go!  

 Song dealing with the impending next step into the great unknown, yet rejoicing in the Here & Now. One more song about mortality and mothers! ;)
Piano samples: Bob Grey. Solo Piano: Ronnie Paris. Guitar: @mindmovie . The rest: Artie Q
ENJOY! ;) Hugs to you, Artie Q

While I was in LA, earlier this year, I shot a bunch of footage down by the water in Santa Monica, CA and Voila—THE HEARTACHE BABY!

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