Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Song: And If i Fall Apart ...

Click to listen: And If i Fall Apart ...

Piano: Ronnie Paris / Guitar: LRW / Remainder: Artie Q

I was gonna go into great detail about this song, but folk have already interpreted it from their own point of view, so I shall leave it up to you (listener) to make of it what you will. Lovely piano from Ronnie, and fab guitar from my lifelong friend, Laurence/LRW. Thanks boys; til next time! :)
... then again, I might just change my mind and fill you in: a perception of the whole social media scene. We shall see. I wish you all a lil fun along the way. RTQ *Mwah!*

Lyrics: Robin Thomas Quinn © 2014

All I see’s a virtual ocean of carpet baggers callin’ me
Won’t you come inside ...? ... mmm
Feng shui masters ain’t the answer,
Shaman elders, spirit guides, elevate my consciousness, and take me for a ride

I see you
Truth is we’re all a step away ...

Social media, do I really need ya ... just like lovers do?
Sourcing, branding, texting ...
Sourcing, branding, texting nothing new.

I see you
Fact is we’re all a step away from falling apart
I’m fallin’ ... I'm fallin' …

And if I fall apart, yeah
I’ll put myself back together ... mmm, or maybe not.

And if I fall apart,
I’ll put myself back together, bar inclement weather, once again

Oh can’t you see, humanity.
No one’s got it over another, sisters & brothers.

Everyone’s a player on the Net, these days 
Sell insecurity
Give ya Personal Growth, Man of Note,
A Leader, Believer, a Millionaire
Have to say I don’t believe ya Mister,
I’ll take my chances -

And if I fall apart, yeah
I’ll put myself back together ... mmm, or maybe not.

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