Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"MissYou Alien" - New track for Artie Q VIII (Video to come)

Click the link below the Alien, to listen ;)

So, I am now near halfway mark for the amount of tracks I need for Artie Q VIII - Yippee!

Ok, well, I've just reconnected with an old friend from my (25 year old) past, and upon asking her if there was any news on the romantic front, she replied "No romance, No boyfriend, No nothing—That's That!" Hmm, thinks I, that's a song right there. Something about the phrase resonated with me. 

A few years ago, I'd worked on a song with long time guitarist/best friend, LRW, called Happy Guy, and I'd been tooling around with some of the leftover music files, and I particularly liked half timing the beat (@ 70 bpms) against the original speed. (140 bpm—The original had a very techno feel.) I start to develop the intro and verse, and it somehow leads me into a melodic passage where the above phrase is sitting quite nicely, thank you.  
Though, what is the song gonna be about; what is my angle? Hmm ... How 'bout letting the phrase guide me to my idea—OK!

"Girl falls in love with alien, or it's the classic 'alien within the boyfriend' (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus scenario), and after much wrangling with said dude, she realizes that there is just no domesticizing this extra terrestrial. Too difficult. So she kicks him out, but she cannot help but still carry the torch for the lovable though hapless lil green hombre! Dat Dat—That's my song, baby!

LRW added some lovely guitar in the middle section & ending sections. A Perfect Fit—Nice!
Thank you, Lol. *Mwah!*

Listen - MissYou Alien

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