Monday, May 27, 2013

Wackel Dackel / Nodding Dog; I'm a Yes Man for your love

New collaboration with Mindmovie

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Well it looks like I am inching closer to finishing up tracks for the new cd: SPIRITUAL!!! MOI??? set for release August 1, 2013. With Wackel Dackel now in the bag, I need a couple more and I'm done. 

Around September, 2009, I spent an idyllic week in Zakinthos, Greece with Achim (Mindmovie) and the very lovely Maria, his wife. We had a fabulous time just "hanging." I forget exactly who brought up the idea (Maria or Achim), but it was suggested that a song about the nodding dogs that wag their heads in the back of cars would be a good idea ... Hmm ... Upon my return to LA, Achim sent me a Euro-ish thumping Dance track, which I promptly jumped on added some chord changes, melodies and lost interest/got distracted ...

Now, I don't know about other song writers, but the reason I came to a screeching halt with the idea was because I didn't have an "angle" for the song. To me, it is not good enough just to sing about nodding dogs in the back of a pick up, there has to be something more engaging in a song. Well, to cut a long story short, it wasn't until a month ago, I came up with my direction. What if the Wackel Dackel/Nodding Dog were not a mobile domed stuffed animal, but one hell of a Love Sick Puppy (human); a Yes Man who is slavishly devoted to each and every whim of his beloved (whom treats him with great disdain), and it is all he can do just to stay in the game, for indeed, Better an obsequious & wretched mongrel existence with the love of his life, than not. Surely?

- "Life without you, ain't an option, baby."

So, this was my angle. I picked samples of Achims original track, tweaked my vocals, added different lyrics, chords, beats and new melodies, requested the fabulous soaring solo-ing Mindmovie guitar finale and Bingo! -  Wackel Dackel (Engl pro: Vuckl Duckl). Also included is a lovely hi guitar figure & harmony by LRW (Laurence Richmond Whiteley) to give the choruses extra jump and color. He also plays the 1st solo. Thanks, boys ... and Maria W. Nice!

Lyrics: Robin Thomas Quinn © 2013

   Wackel Dackel (Vuckl Duckl)
 Wackel Dackel (Vuckl Duckl)
I’m a Yes Man for your love 
I’m a nodding dog, I’m a laphound baby
Hanging round for scraps of love from your door 

- I can’t help myself 
Wackel Dackel—Yeah, Oooh, 
 Wackel Dackel—I’m a lapdog, baby 

Hanging round for scraps of love from your door

I’m a Yes Man for your love
   Ooooh, Wackel Dackel, Ooooh - Can’t get enough of your love

   What good is self respect when you ain’t got love?

When you got no pride, when you got no stuff?

The kind of stuff inside that makes a dude feel manly

Dandy, Stanley & glad to be alive.

   Something strange is happening to me

When I’m with you, bang goes dignity

‘N so again what’s the point of pride, 

When the candle lit dinner for one
 is a fact from which I cannot hide?

   I’m a Yes Man for your love

I’m a nodding dog, I’m a laphound baby

Hanging round for scraps of love from your door

- I can’t help myself
, Yeah, 
Wackel Dackel—I’m a lapdog, baby 

Hanging round for scraps of love from your door

I’m a Yes Man for your love
   Wackel Dackel - Can't get enough of your love

   I hate myself for loving you,
leaving's on my mind

But life without you's not an option, baby - Ooh. 

Hey, yeah
, I'm just a Yes Man, baby, hanging round your door
   Wackel Dackel, Ooooh,
I'm a lapdog, baby, hanging round your door
   Oh baby, Oh, baby.

Life without you ain't an option, baby

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