Friday, August 23, 2013

2 Songs: Final Tracks for Spiritual!!! Moi???

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 MOBILE #3    -    10,000 MILE WIDE CLUB 

Watch MOBILE #3 Video

Many moons ago, I wrote a track for a friend who happened to be in a wheelchair but lived life to the full in every other way. He absolutely would not be held back. He asked me to write him a song. Its theme concerned two men: one, physically challenged, yet positive and happy with life; the other was sound in limb, yet constrained in mind. And so I wrote Moblie. (A song, incidentally, played by the organizers at the LA Marathon '91, as a sort of inspirational message to the participants, of which happily I was one.) OK, so fast forward twenty or so (Yikes!!!) years, and the song's message somehow paralleled my present situation, only the duality of friction is contained within the one man. So, I re-worked it: tweaked melodies, beats, added new chords & melodies and of course the soaring guitar of the prodigiously talented Mindmovie, and hey presto: MOBILE #3 Nice!

A fluffy bit of nonsense, really. I was playing around with a melody & lyric: I can't find my way home. Hmm ... this prompted a plethora of thoughts & ideas. I like the idea of the lyrical image of The Mile High Club; I like the idea of a select rich group of folk prepared to travel to the ends of the earth to indulge their passion, espresso. So ... blah, blah, blah ... add another great performance by the man, the myth, the Flaming Bess legend, Mindmovie, et voila!

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