Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Songs, New Videos, New Collaborations

The Future You—Video —Watch
OK, so I’m winding up my collection of songs for the Artie Q VI cd "SPIRITUAL!!! MOI???," and I’ve got about another 3 tracks to go until completion. Hmm ... I’d like to give a lil variety to my usual Electronic Pop sound, so I decide to call on an old friend of mine, the very fab AERONAUT, with whom I have collaborated with in the past, but nothing recently. Aeronaut aka Jef De Corte’s passion in music is classical; mine is pop. “You got any ideas you don’t know what to do with, Jef? If so, you wanna send them my way?”

One in particular catches my ear: Beside You; it touches the bittersweet melancholy nerve. So Jef sends me the music files and I begin to play; have some fun. As the track develops, melodies sing to me; though what to write about, exactly?

One particular morning, I’ve been “hard at fun” for at least four hours; ideas are taking shape, but something weird is happening on the computer. As I look at the Mac clock, the penny drops. Uh Oh! On my “Music Dedicated Only Mac,” I have an old operating system: 9.2—I know, I know, I know!!! Before you TechnoGeeks barrage me with abuse ... 9.2 works for now, and I shall upgrade in time. Very infrequently, the computer will wig out, and the Date & Time feature will roll back the years to 1904! (I have spoken to other 9.2 system users and they have all had similar experiences. Still, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.) Now, this problem has to be addressed immediately, so it will mean not saving/erasing all files date stamped 1904 and rebooting! Which means I’ve lost the last four productive hours. I’ll have to remember where the track was going—Argh!

I start to harangue the computer as if it were a person, You Fuckin' Fuckin’ Fuck! Get thee 'ere, Mr. Q; I’m gonna have some fuckin words—you, You, YOU—I hit the wall so hard, aah, my fist will be sore for days. Wow ... I am talking to the computer as if it were me from 1904—Yikes! Hey, what if the song were about a man from the present who could go back in time, and talk to the man he was back in ? ... So the man he was, could find out about the man he is to be/his future … AND, is he "allowed" to change it ...??? BINGO! “That” is what the song is gonna be about. But, as it happens (re-written for the song and video) our hero travels forward from the year 1973 to the man he will be in 2013. SERENDIPITOUS!!! MOI??? :)

Guitar, mix tips and technological advice: the very wonderful MINDMOVIE Thanks, Achim. —Couldna ha' done it withoucha, M!

The Heartache Baby Video — Click below

Heartache Baby was a track I wrote many years ago, and always had a hankering to update it in some fashion. The perfect vehicle arrived one day in the guise of a track from them WI:RE boys. Claas Reimer and Achim Wierschem.  Claas sent me a laid back groove that took my mind to a sunny lazy vacation I spent with Maria and Achim Wierschem in Zakinthos, Greece in 2009. Somehow the track also reminded me of the melancholy feel of my original lyric. So ... I cut the track up into bite size 4bar/8 bar pieces added chords changes, melodies, lyrics and hey presto! No great lyrical message here, other than the Heartache Baby that resides in us all. Oh yeah, sent it back to Achim for his wonderful guitar that takes the song to it's final conclusion. Love it—Nice!


  1. Tic Tock Tic Tock ..... I love the way RTQ Rocks ~

    1. Yo, PP ... or should that be Sweet Pea! Thanks, babe. ClockMeisterQ ;)



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