Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Man Who Would Be King

Song: KING OF ENGLAND Click to Listen

So, there I am in the Bug 'Utch workin on the remaining tracks for "SPIRITUAL!!! MOI???" (Artie Q VI cd), when over the wires comes two files from MisterCee/TheReimMan containing beats/grooves/noises. One in particular takes my fancy titled Medieval. The loping beat groove gives me a feeling of "procession, majesty, king like" motion ... what to do with it? Hmm ...

... I knew a young woman, many moons ago who overdosed on magic mushrooms. One time only. So extreme was the potency (and it was the first time she had ever taken any kind of drug) that it pushed her into the realms of paranoia to the extent that in order to "regain balance"/normality she was forever forced into taking medication to redress the balance. I met her a few years after her "Shroom Encounter" and considered her quite a regular fun loving babe. "A regular fun loving babe ...?" ... hmm ...except when she did not take her medication, of course ...

So ... what if "Our Man" takes one hit too many and ends up on the other side? He now believes himself to have unlimited powers; he is reborn as King Of England. Nothing is forbidden to him; he can do what he likes. A perfect existence, surely? Except that with all delusional souls, inevitably, he finds a way to turn it around: paranoia & suspicion sets in. He starts to wonder why all the hangers on at court & in life should be so friendly. Do they really love him for who he is or what they can get out of him? Oh, to be "normal," again!!!

Click the Pic to listen to KING OF ENGLAND

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