Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Anything New re: Artie Q is to be found here - www.artieq.com

Having hit "end of life experiences" of my mother and father, recently, my creative endeavors have hit a little bump in the road, or should I say more "a screeching halt." I'm sort in frozen artistic and emotional animation, right now, being that I feel bereft of any new impulse to impart, too busy am I simply trying to allow feelings of "the end of an era" to take their toll ... we shall see if I return. Creatively speaking, in one way or another, that is.

I have however found the time and joy and impetus to pen a few essays/observations, finalize an audiobook and live renditions of songs of mine via video.

So, friends ... ArtieQ.Com
Big Hugs, RTQ

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