Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Artie Q Track: Where Did You Go?

Click the pic, below to listen to WHERE DID YOU GO?
 Piano: Ronnie Paris. Guitar: LRW. The Rest: Artie Q

The Alzheimer sufferer views their world through an ever decreasing small lens. It shrinks incrementally day by day until friends and family may no longer be recognized. 

In my own case (with my mother), if we are having a "bad" day, I'll sit with her and hold her hand.

 "So, what's my name ... mother?"  (*prompt*)
"Cmon, you know me, what's my name?"
"... Don't know what you're talking about."
"Mother, My name is Robin. I'm your son, and your name is Pearl Averil ...? All right, how 'bout this one: Sargent Turner, 137 ...?"
"203!" She'll bark right back. 

Strange, she doesn't know who I am, but will always remember life from 70 years ago. Well, maybe not so strange; Service Personnel will ALWAYS remember their number! Hmm

"Mother ... are you in there ... where did you go, eh? Where did you go?"

However, on a good day, we'll have a little fun, and she will remember. :)

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