Sunday, November 11, 2012

Artie Q VI: More Songs In The Bag

Ok, so. Where was I?—Ah, yes ... New songs to be considered for the next cd, Artie Q VI (promo vid, here)

Listen CROSSOVER: IF I DIE TONIGHT Or, click the pic:

Back in LA, 1995-ish, I had the privilege to get involved in theater, primarily due to the encouragement of the great DigiRob and was involved in a couple of LA Weekly Theater "Pick of the Weeks." One was "A Grimm Evening." A production directed by Robert Prior. Based on four stories by the Grimm Brothers, one in particular took my fancy: Godfather Death. The performance was a lot of fun. CROSSOVER (IF I DIE TONIGHT) is a somewhat twist on that scenario, only this time, the husband is bereft; his wife of 30 years is now deceased and he cannot get over it. He will do anything to have one last farewell/meet with her. He strikes a deal with the devil: One chance to see his dearly beloved & deceased wife for one last time. In exchange ... for his soul. Joining me on guitar, again, the wonderful Laurence Whiteley. Ah loves ya, bro.

NEXT! No, not the song by Jacques Brel; the next song for the album: COLUMBUS IN CAR WITH GUITAR.  <—Listen. (I think this will definitely make it.) This song concerns a technologically geeky friend of mine who, with his SUV, Sat Nav & other modern appliances sees himself as a sort of contemporary Christopher Columbus and longs for the days of Master Commander of the Far Side ... a captain of a Spanish galleon or similar. But if he were granted his wish, I doubt that he'd be able to take his iPad with him.
I loved the thought of listing notables who in their time, really were the Neil Armstrongs of their day. Folk who fearlessly trod (or fearfully, maybe) in order to further empower knowledge of their generations. Great stuff. I salute each every one of them; from eons ago to the present day. (I am sure that this list is a drop in the bucket of folk who dared to dream, but alas, all's I got is a four minute pop song! :( )
"Walter Raleigh, Robert Scott, Tenzing Norgay, Jacques Cousteau, Francis Drake. Marco Polo, Leif Ericson, Pedro Escobar, Livingstone, Neil Armstrong, Captain Cook, Juan Perez, James Of Ireland, Sven Hedin, Hannu The Navigator, Edmund Fanning, Ernest Shackleton, Edmund, Roald ... ... I’d rather be Columbus in a Car ... with a Guitar"

I built the track with LRW's guitar, and the fab Mindmovie/Achim Wierschem came in at various points & with a great solo at the end. Thanks, my Go 2 Guitar BoysNice! (I would have no others!!!) Thank you, Laurence & Achim.

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